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2010-12-20 03:11:20 by GhostShellCommand

what the f*ck is wrong with people theese days. i am putting time and effort (although not much) into an animation style that i hope people might like and all i want is at least 3-5 comments is that so hard they don't even have to be nice i just want some godd*mn feedback. Holy Satan oh let's not view it cuz it's not pixel drawn durp a derr. that's pretty much what i've been getting back so if someone would have the deecency to view them i would happily repay them........ Also a Possible Logo for me in the picture below



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2010-12-20 03:17:04


Suck it up, faggot. Stop begging people to review your shitty submissions.

GhostShellCommand responds:

well that may be but have you submitted anything and are you making fun of me because you were having a troubling day or perhaps lack creativity and are jealous of mine


2010-12-25 00:35:21

Merry Christmas!

GhostShellCommand responds:

thank you very much