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New Post Update (WTF PSN!!!!)

2011-05-06 19:40:39 by GhostShellCommand

i am currently working on an art piece, and it has been a long WIP for me but i hope to release it by next week if not so then i hope to release it slightly later also no more factual knowledge. Not a popular way to express ideas. btw summer is almost here and i'm eady to get some art done. One final thing PSN please get your shit together soon i want to redeem my fucking DLC for MK(2011) goddamnit

New Post Update (WTF PSN!!!!)


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2011-05-06 19:44:38

Yeah, that's how you talk to a company who has gotten hacked twice in a row and is about to get hacked a third time.

GhostShellCommand responds:

yeah I've just been waiting a long time for it to get back online so I can redeem my kontent (Mortal Kombat Joke). but otherwise I suppose I can wait. P.S.(are you being sarcastic or not, hard to tell over the internet)