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well thanks to my incompetence I just fucked up my drawing completely and now have nothing to submit (not that anyone cares about pencil drawings anyway). in spite of that i am going to have to work on some new material, but i'm going to go ahead and try and start a new meme i've got a list btw all theese memes I officially copywrite: (squiggle beard, Y-axis Y!?) that's abput it and partial credit goes to my friend who helped me start it. anyway almost summer and i can't wait.

New Post (Well art got fucked up)

i am currently working on an art piece, and it has been a long WIP for me but i hope to release it by next week if not so then i hope to release it slightly later also no more factual knowledge. Not a popular way to express ideas. btw summer is almost here and i'm eady to get some art done. One final thing PSN please get your shit together soon i want to redeem my fucking DLC for MK(2011) goddamnit

New Post Update (WTF PSN!!!!)

sorry for not posting recently I have been caught up in playing Metal Gear Solid 4 lately. Mainly trying to get the Big Boss Emblem, it is increasingly hard to get (at least by my standards) anyway i'm going to start giving tips about stress in my posts

Tip 1: Do something nice and don't tell anyone about it (everyone tries to seek out others approval but if you don't tell anyone about it you retain all of the good feelings that you get from doing that good deed)

Random Fact 1 (yes i'm doing random facts as well take that Snapple): Kartafel is German for potato

New post (thread please)


2011-03-06 19:02:57 by GhostShellCommand

been playing minecraft lately it's pretty fun I don't know why I have not been playing it. Anyways sent voice acting tests to people to get a reply. Gotta get off and do some Hausaufgaben (German for homework (yes i take German and yes i have made a parenthesis within a parenthetical statement))anyway see you guys later be sure to view and comment.


hmm well i thought it would be a slower process however it seemed to be a more unprecedented matter. I will however continue drawing but this time with effort so hopefully I will finally be recognized as a creative person. I would gladly accept an invitation or recomendation to a flash animation as a voice actor I am quite good at it if anyone would like a sample please Instant Message me on Newgrounds. bu the way please be specific when asking me what to voice act and also having a script would be great thank you all and Happy New Year.

Christmas break already over


2010-12-20 03:11:20 by GhostShellCommand

what the f*ck is wrong with people theese days. i am putting time and effort (although not much) into an animation style that i hope people might like and all i want is at least 3-5 comments is that so hard they don't even have to be nice i just want some godd*mn feedback. Holy Satan oh let's not view it cuz it's not pixel drawn durp a derr. that's pretty much what i've been getting back so if someone would have the deecency to view them i would happily repay them........ Also a Possible Logo for me in the picture below



2010-10-30 01:48:43 by GhostShellCommand

not feeling too optomistic but it's not like it matters anyway I tried to post art but no one has even seen it, but oh well. I don't have much to do anyway and I can't muster up enough interest to even get up and do something no pic this time sorry eh whatever......

Still Nothing

2010-10-01 19:52:07 by GhostShellCommand

no one has responded to my PM's or E-Mail's i sent regarding voice acting in any possible animation you can look at my post it shows my avaliable times (post #2 by the way) and ill be there to voice act for anyone so just give me a PM or Email but i gotta stay enthusiastic so enjoy a picture of just that

Still Nothing

hello again

2010-09-27 23:09:24 by GhostShellCommand

i would just like to say that i am avaliable for voice in animations i will be ready if you need my help
PM me on NG anytime from 3:30pm (central) to 11:00pm(central) on weekends Friday from 3:30pm till Saturday 1:00 and then back again Sunday 7:00am till 11:00pm so PM me if you can cya then also enjoy this pic from the movie Akira (r)

hello again


2010-09-26 20:01:33 by GhostShellCommand

im not new to NG i just started a new profile and was thinking about posting some art or possibly an animation in the next day(s) so any contributors will be given full credit (just e-mail my NG account to give me ideas) anyway whoever e mails thank you and happy Madness Day/Week